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    We don’t want to lie – moving can be a quite stressful endeavor for every household or business. However, with the right partners, almost all worries about them disappear, and it’s up to you to arrange the new space you are moving to.

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    Moving tricks


    If you are moving and taking rugs from your previous home, a handy tip would be to send them for professional cleaning. This way, they will be naturally clean and adequately prepared for transport. After cleaning, the cleaning services pack them in a way that is most suitable for transportation.


    Furniture should be disassembled as much as possible and individual parts should be protected. This way, disassembled furniture not only helps save space but also reduces the risk of damage during transportation.


    Create a checklist that includes the names of items and their corresponding boxes, the location where they are during packing, and the location where they should be during unpacking. Take a few minutes to carefully list the items, record their current location, and determine their future location so that you don't worry about anything being overlooked later.

    Heavy/Bulky Items

    These are the items you want to load and unload first because of their dimensions that occupy space in a way that cannot be combined with them. Don't be a hero or prove yourself to yourself or others; if you have an extra pair of hands available, or straps and belts, use them. If you haven't already entrusted the professionals, don't forget that the goal is a fast and painless move, not proving yourself.

    Small items

    It is best to sort small items into boxes, first according to the principle of fragile/non-fragile, and then thematically, i.e., according to the room they belong to. An important note is that heavier items should go into individual boxes first, followed by lighter ones. Also, pack the boxes so that the items inside move minimally, even if it means adding plenty of paper, sponges, and even clothing.

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